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About Our Services

We are a group of Ethical Hackers, InfoSec Professionals , IT Engineers, and Researchers who research on defensive and offensive security.

We exist in this space of InfoSec for the past years, since then we have supported several customers. We have detected and reported several vulnerabilities to several organizations.

Information Security is a Process, Not a Product

Even though we have the best technologies, the attack surface of organizations is rapidly expanding. Vulnerability-free applications are still a myth! Despite the fact that organisations have large security budgets, there are still breaches and threats.

We Understand How Malicious Hackers Function

  • We believe that security is well established today, but that it is not supplied in an appropriate manner, thus we aim to deliver in an appropriate manner.
  • Our process employs a one-of-a-kind method for planning and modelling threats
  • We have established a Crowd Sourced Security Researcher community with which we are closely associated. We are one of the first sources on the planet to be notified of a current market threat

Our Specialization

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