Data Engineering

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is an essential component of day to day processes for an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Network monitoring allows ISPs to track and monitor their networks, improve service quality, and guarantee maximum uptime of their network components. Network metrics such as latency, packet loss, and throughput are monitored using Network Performance Monitoring tools to ensure that network meets its predetermined SLAs. Lumiere Systems’ Network monitoring combines elements from Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) frameworks with best practices from Network Administration to drive complete visibility over the ISP’s network topology and bandwidth utilization. Our Network monitoring also enables ISPs to proactively spot critical issues and recommends resolutions that help maintaining their credibility.  

Network Support

Network support is an inevitable task for running a reliable Internet
Service. Network outages can cause significant losses and
inefficiency, so it is important to keep network-related issues at bay. By
utilizing our 24 x 7 Network Support, ISPs can continue to provide uninterrupted
services while leveraging the expertise of our skilled professionals. Our Network Support
staff are responsible for timely identification and resolution of any
network-related problems, which will ultimately result in enhanced system
performance and improved user experience. All our Network Support operations are
conducted with minimal disruption to user operations and will comply with
established compliance requirements. With our Network Support staff present around
the clock, customers rest assured knowing their ISP is proactive in solving any
network-related issue that may arise. 

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